Life After College

3 Feb

For the average early 20 something, reaching the final stretch of your undergrad career is a pivotal landmark- you’ve learned, accomplished, stretched your mind, and fully immersed yourself in a higher level of thinking; but what comes next? The student turned adult transition can oftentimes leave one weary and confused, on the other hand, there are the postgrads that get thrusted into full-time careers.

Breanna Chval, 22-year-old graduate, was offered a full-time teaching position half way through her internship, all while still being a student.  So what was it like being responsible for 25 third graders, 3 months shy of receiving her diploma?  

Ms.Chval says, “It’s definitely a lot of pressure because I’m responsible for whether or not they pass the FCAT and are able to move on to the 4th grade. Something that most people don’t know is that statistics show that your 3rd grade FCAT score is almost synonymous with your 10th grade score- due to the potential they feel they have at such an impressional age.”

Most recent college graduates will never know exactly what all goes in to being offered a position with so much at stake.  What would appear to be the ideal scenario is to have the opportunity to work right after college, though students should never underestimate the importance of giving yourself a breather and mentally preparing to take on such significant responsibilities.

“I wish I could have waited, knowing how much responsibility it would be, but I feel like the Lord really kept the door open”, says Breanna on being immediately hired,  “So even after waiting a few weeks, I was asked to do the interview, in turn getting the job.”

Very literally, Breanna had to kiss her college days goodbye overnight.  “I went from solely being responsible for myself, you know, all I had to worry about is if I could manage making myself an egg and showing up on time for a class, to taking care of 20-something children all on my own.” 

“Southeastern provided me with the best college experience, but nothing could have prepared me for what I walked into on my first day of teaching.”  Breanna says on her overnight transition.  Her 3am nights out turned into 5am alarm clocks.

Breanna says of her day-to-day outlook on teaching, “Most of their home lives are pretty rough, so I truly feel like it falls on me to almost parent these kids.  You know, they come in and they don’t really care about what comes next for their lives, it’s a pretty hopeless situation for most of them.  I just want them to see their full potential and empower them to be better than they were the day before.” 

It’s more than just teaching, it’s providing our future generation with the hope of tomorrow.  Breanna is one of the many that will shape, mentor, and cheer for students to get through one more year of schooling.



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