Dog Owners of Instagram

20 Jan

With the world of social media thriving, Facebook and Twitter seem to have given up their claim to uploaded picture fame to none other than Instagram- the new photo sharing app on the scene.  Over the past year Instagram has boomed, with an average of 40 million photos being posted daily world-wide.


Instagram promotes a platform for instant creativity, no matter how original or cliche the content might be.  With thousands upon thousands of food, beach, and “selfie” snaps, users are aiming to get a little more personal and fun-loving.  Just a few scrolls through your news feed and you’ll be able to see a new trend catching on, the “dogstagram”.  There are guys showing their softer side, ladies swooning over little pups, and babies cuddling their best friend.


So why all the rage? Just to name a few points:

  • Adds character
  • Everyone loves to be a proud parent
  • Gives a friendly feed
  • Rack up those double tapsmoses

As crazy as this sounds, people do get tired of seeing your face, your brunch, and your Starbucks order; but it has been proven true that very few people get tired of the cute new addition to your life, or your oldest buddy.  So grab your pup and your phone, and get to work.  Dress them in outfits, take them on bike rides, or show them sleeping- it’s a guaranteed success.


Curt Hensely, 20 year-old Instagrammer and dog owner says, “Baron’s just plain photogenic, the chick’s dig it.”  about his new snow white husky.  Fella’s, if you’re looking for a new way to win a girls heart, it might just be one photo click away.

Whatever the motive behind your operation, the puppy-grams are what’s hot on the social media scene.  Get in while you can!


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